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The Oversight Board - Member Recommendations

The Oversight Board makes independent and binding decisions about some of the most challenging content on Facebook and Instagram. You can read about the original announcementof the Oversight Board’s establishment, the results of the public consultation that informed its design, and the announcement of the Oversight Board’s first members. The Oversight Board website has the latest news on the cases that the Oversight Board is currently considering and copies of the Board’s governing documents.

Facebook and the Oversight Board are looking for additional candidates from around the world who are familiar with matters relating to digital content and governance and have a proven track-record of working with others on difficult problems. To help with the ongoing sourcing of potential candidates, the Oversight Board and Facebook are partnering with the firm Baker McKenzie to allow anyone to put forward the name of a qualified candidate for consideration.

If you would like to recommend a potential board member (or self-nominate), you can submit details of potential members through this webform. Please note that, until the Oversight Board reaches its initial composition of 40 Board Members, selection of Members is a joint process involving Facebook and the Oversight Board, after which the Oversight Board will assume sole responsibility for Member selection. As such, any names submitted for consideration through this third party portal will be viewable by both Facebook and the Oversight Board. The Oversight Board Candidate Data Protection Notice provides additional detail on how candidate data will be used and protected by Facebook and the Oversight Board.

Any information which you provide will be treated confidentially and processed in accordance with the Baker McKenzie Data Privacy and Cookies Policy for the Oversight Board recommendations process.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be answered to proceed.